Action speaks louder than words, but not nearly as often
-Mark Twain

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Grandmother's camera

Out of habit, Camelia locked the car before heading into town. Pulling on the locked door, Dani cursed, "Shit!" Looking into the windows already doused with gold-green pollen she saw nothing on the seats and hoped her mom had taken things from the car. Crossing her fingers she said to no one in particular, In the room Ma, you've put tutu's camera in the room. Cedar and Dan were both behind the tiled counter of the large open room that greeted the Salish Motel's guests. A well-worn round wooden table was set with a platter of bread cut into thick chunks, with a pottery bowl mounded with  white goat's cheese. "Just in time for a snack!" Cedar called with her head still inside a small refrigerator that looked old. "Retro!" Dani recognized the old refrigerator was a lot like the one her grandmother had. It was probably still running. "What's that?" Her hands were full. Bottles of cold juices clattered. "Oh, your refrigerator looks like my grandmother's ... she called it an ice box." "And, that is just what this old beast used to be. An ice box." Dan added mildly, "And when the winds blow the power out in Salish, this ole gal is an ice box once more." "Yup. We never replaced it with new or bigger. But we do have ... two of them. Keep 'em side-by-side to keep each other company," Cedar giggled like a girl and pat each of the old Frigidaire like a favorite child. "Seltzer or Pomegranate?" Dani chose the pomegranate. "Your mom said she was going for sandwiches or pizza, so this will do for a munch between." Dani loved the way Cedar's hair fluttered when she talked, and that smell. "You're very kind. Generous of you. Mind if I go to our room, see if my sister's interested?" "Course, there's plenty."

Dani was relieved to see the camera, her hat, and the carpet bag that was her home away from home. Big enough to hold all the essential, Dani went no where without it. "Hey!" Dani peeked over Olivia's shoulder and saw the runway ... The Drag Queen Finals. Seattle had its home town favorite in the Spring Count-down. Olivia wasn't about to miss it. "How's she doin'?" "Amazing. Look at that regalia. I mean the woman is utter utterly outrageous. How does she do it!" It wasn't a question really, Olivia knew it took a lot more than she had going on the confidence rack to get out there. But. She had her plan. Olivia was queer and not apologetic nor was she without a version of her mother's peoples do-rights. "Dan and Cedar have a table laid out with bread and cheese, and seltzer. You're invited." Dani had her carpet bag, camera tucked inside and was heading back to join the Branches. The Finals were important. Turning down hospitality was something Olivia DeSilva had learned the hard way could bite where you couldn't put a band-aid. The sisters exchanged the vibe of a shared history. "Sure, I'll turn this off and be right there." 

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